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If you have been in a car accident and suffered any of the following injuries, you may get partial or full compensation:

Broken bones, Severe head trauma, Brain damage, Paralysis, Scarring, Amputation, Disfigurement, Burns or Death

We Can Help Prepare Your Car Accident Claim

Our car accident lawyers will assist you in preparing your claim for further legal action against a defendant and opposing insurance agency by investigating all angles of your case by employing the following:

Collecting and reviewing accident reports

Collecting and examining police records

Analyzing witness testimonials and contacting key witnesses

Analyzing the scene of the accident

Investigating damages and documenting the accident scene

Reviewing medical reports of injuries

Speak to a Lawyer – Car Accident Attorney Charlotte NC and see Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic

Your defendant’s insurance company may seek to minimize compensation, therefore, supporting your attorney by equipping him or her with as much information as possible will ensure that you can build a solid case. In a situation where your attorney and the defendant’s insurance company are unable to reach a settlement agreement, your case may continue to a personal injury trial.

In a situation where the defendant is uninsured or possesses an insufficient policy to cover your medical expenses and damages, you have options to reclaim due to compensation, and Justin Lo Law can assist you in seeking those personal injury damages.

In a situation where your insurance company attempts to limit your total payout for accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers, Justin Lo Law will assist you in filing a Law suit against your insurance company to reclaim just compensation for any injuries or damages suffered.

Types of Claims Car Accident Claims

There are multiple forms of car accident claims that can be filed, and understanding what kind of accident you have been in will assist you in obtaining greater legal success. Your injury attorney at the Justin Lo Law can help you in determining whether your car accident befalls under the section of:

Negligence: The most frequent type of car accident Law suit resulting in another driver failed to operate their vehicle properly or to abide by current driving Laws and standards. Defendants may be drivers who are intoxicated, reckless, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Liability from Manufacturer: Accidents and injury resulting from a manufacturer’s defect, whether it be from design, labeling or product malfunction that originated during the manufacturing process. Examples of past Law suits for manufacturer liability include defective tires, brakes, engines, seatbelts, airbags, and accelerators.

Road Design: When accidents occur based on poor maintenance of roads, road construction, design or defective road features. Examples of past Law suits for road design include uneven surfaces, incorrect signage, poorly designed or placed barriers, guard rails, speed bumps, and medians, improper design of embankments, poorly designed intersections, crosswalks, illumination, and traffic flow.

Wrongful Death: In the case of the loss of a loved one as a result of another’s negligence, the family and survivors of the victim may have legal recourse.

Other Types of Car Accident Related Injuries

There are many different types of injuries sustained during a car accident, and your injury attorney at Justin Lo Law can assist you in assessing your claim. Injuries that your attorney may attempt to obtain compensation for beyond the limited coverage of your PIP insurance are:

Burns, Scarring, Amputation and loss of limbs, Paralysis, Spinal injuries, Head injuries and brain damage, Back and neck injuries, Joint and bone injuries, Whiplash, Permanent disability or Wrongful death